concrete admixture Lab

Concrete admixtures involve different types of super plasticizers, plasticizers, retarders, accelerators and etc. All of the products are continuously analysed in the concrete admixture Laboratory.

Concrete & Grout Lab

The incessant activity of the Concrete Laboratory and Grout in Shimisakhteman has led to the production of efficient concrete mix designs for various usages for many years.

Tile Adhesive Lab

Our laboratory is active in the field of tile, natural and artificial stone adhesives, and in addition chemical resistant adhesives and grouts. Our incessant job in this field has always shown …

Standard Accredited Lab

We are active as a standard partner laboratory. Our cooperation with the standard organisation is to provide master opinions on tile adhesive productions and concrete admixtures.

Paint Lab

Some parts of our products are in the area of paints and industrial coatings. For monitoring the quality of the paint produced, this department continuously controls the product.

resin Lab

Shimisakhteman Resin Laboratory works in order to provide quality optimization of manufactured products. Due to the production of different types of resins in the firm,…